Hey everybody, I tried to get backtrack running with Ubuntu and Vista, and after all the trouble getting it to work, I decided it really wasn't worth it, lol. Anyway, I want to get a netbook to run Backtrack on. I am looking at the Acer Aspire 751h and the Lenovo Ideabook s12. I picked those two because of the larger screens and the have the better ratings from what I have seen. Though I am leaning more towards the Lenovo. I do not want to get a Asus becuase I just really don't like the way they look and the 1000h series has an integrated battery, so I could never get a larger one or if it went bad I couldn't get a new one. Also, I was thinking a netbook would be a good idea to run backtrack on because of the portability. The thing I am wondering though is can those systems handle what backtrack is meant to do. I am talking from a system pen-testing perspective. Say I wanted to try a penetration test on my network running it on a netbook, would the netbook just crash or could it actually be possible. I just don't know what kind of computing power is really needed to do that kind of stuff. Thanks.