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    I know this was excluded from BT3 and for good reason. Airoscript has been rewritten and is very stable. I've been using it for the last couple of months and have been impressed by its stability and ease of use.

    Airoscript is under a new maintainer that is actively developing it. I believe it compliments aircrack-ng very well. The recent aircrack-ng now includes the airoscript source code.

    The 2.1.1-2 version doesn't seem to work and the *.deb version breaks BT4 aircrack-ng. However, 2.1.1 tarball works very well.

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    Please include airoscript in BT4.

    The svn airoscript with the svn aircrack-ng works great.

    Or, include spoonwep2.

    Or, include ws2.tcl.

    Or, include

    Heck, include all four. They are such small scripts of a few k each.

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    Yes, Airoscript is a great tool ! include it in bt4 please

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