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Thread: german/french/italian. why?

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    Default german/french/italian. why?

    Hi admins..

    I dont understand why you have createt special subforums for those 3 languge.

    I mean, okay i understand why, if the crow whant it, you make it.

    But all tree countrys have english in school, (yes they have, from 4-5 grade)..

    I know people LOVE double post, so, why dont "force" those guy's too speek internationel..?

    Right now there is ~300 post, there is not for evrybody..

    Yes, we can translate them whit google-translate, but it is a littel ego to keep those info only for german/frensh/italien people..

    Yes, i can live whit it, but maybe 10-20-30% post will be lost for us, due too langue "error"..

    At this time its almost 10 % post there is in a not english language..

    How can you defend that?

    Groeten avec les meilleures il tuo amico


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    I'm not even going to dignify this with a response. Thread closed.

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