I am using a mac osx 10.5.7
I am using Parallels.
I have a big enough cd to burn backtrack 3 onto, which i will do as soon as i find out what linux operating system to use. Right now i am just using an iso file to boot off of.
I need to know what linux operating system to use, the list of choices are:

1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2. Red Hat Enterprise Server 3
3. SUSE Linux Enterprise
4. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
5. Debian GNU/Linux
6. Red Hat Linux
7. Fedora Linux
8. CentOS Linux
9. OpenSUSE Linux
10. Mandriva Linux
11. Xandos Linux
12. Ubuntu Linux(Pre Selected)
13. Other Linux Kernel 2.4
14. Other Linux Kernel 2.6
15. Other Linux

I don't have a linux install disk, the Parallels Program has them pre-installed
I tried using Ubuntu Linux but it freezes at the backtrack loading screen.
Floppy Drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M is the last thing that comes up on the screen is there away that i c an post a pic of it?
Thanks in advance Shane.

PS. I would prefer to use backtrack 4 cause i am using a RT73 Device for injection, but i don't know if the Beta-release has the drivers already installed or if the pre release does?