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Thread: How to add additional world list for WPA penetration.

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    Question How to add additional world list for WPA penetration.

    I am roughly a week old to back track, I am have backtrack 4
    as a live cd and I'am trying to penetrate my wireless WPA. Iam able to get all the information, aquire the hanshake and run it on aircrack
    but I guess my dictionary is not that large enough to find my password.

    So I would like to where I can get some good additional wordlist and how do I use them since iam using a live cd? Do I dowload them and put them on a USB ? Or can I save them some where I can access them from aircrack? My goal is just to use a larger dictionary and how to use it even though iam using a live cd. Thanks for the rest of the great WEP turtorials!

    Sincerely ,

    backtrack newb

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    You just add your password to the dictionary and see that your key can be cracked.

    There are enough dictionary links arouond this forum, just search for it.
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