So backtrack4 pre-final boots nicely... except for one line causing big problems -
Loading hardware drivers...
ath5k phy0: POST Failed !!!

So, I think it's a bit obvious what my problem is I start networking and x fine, ethernet and loopback are there (ifconfig). eth0 is working fine... but obviously my wireless isn't. Card is an atheros based dlink DWL-G510, working fine under Vista32. Based on the page linked below where I got the vista32 drivers from, I am running an AR5008 chipset NIC.
(Well apparently I can't make links - its a driver page at Atheros czech listing the G510 as one of them. Card must be rev B atheros based as these drivers work under Vista)

After starting networking from a terminal, the second last line reads, "Failed to bring up wlan0" no surprise...

I've tried googling, always end up at the same useless pages.

Hope someone can help,

Edit: Couldn't edit earlier due to Moderator censorship, but I found in one of the dialogues in Backtrack that it is AR2413 based.