Hi guys, im having trouble to connect to my home network... i had it configured with no broadcasting and mac filtering.. just to keep SK away.
I discarted all this and still cant connect to it..

here is the relevant info:
Signal strenth: 100% (-52 dBm)
Encription: WPA2-TKIP
Linksys 54g model
Broadcasting: OK
MAC filtering: deactivated

asus eeepc 1000he
wifi card: RT2860
WPA supplicant driver: wext (default) ndiswarpper wont work either
Backtrack 4 pre final hard disk install
Im using the wicd Manger.

Conection works fine with all winboxes on the house and also on ubuntu 8 and mint 7... Im using a fresh install of bt (today) so no personal configurations making trouble here.. passphrase its ok...

So i dont have a clue why its not working..

it stops when it tryis to validate authentication... just stuck there and wont connect.

im still kind of new on linux.. so be gentle.. lol

UPDATE: after a complete system update (apt-get update && upgrade) and still no luck on connecting to my wpa2 network. It does connect to it if i leave it unencrypted. Im using Wicd to connect to it btw.