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Thread: What am i missing?

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    Default What am i missing?

    Hey, i'm new here and i've been trying to get this thing working for 2 days now..

    I've read a lot of pdf's and sites about backtrack and what it is. Problem is, i can't get it to work...

    I've tried backtrack 3 and backtrack 4 pre release.
    I want to install bt4 on my laptop, but I cant get it to work.

    I've got a Sony Vaio VGN-NS21Z. It has Vista installed on it, and i don't want to format my hard disk. So i've made a new partition in Vista, and i want to install backtrack on that partition.
    Problem is, i don't know how to.. I've read a lot of stuff about fdisk /dev/sda/ but i dont want to format my complete hard disk.

    Also, all the screenshots i've seen (from BT4) show a "windows lookalike" OS/shell. All i got was a dos screen.

    I've got no knowledge of Linux what-so-ever...

    Please help me continue.

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    Is there some reason why you want to install BackTrack as opposed to just running it from a Live DVD or USB?

    Information on how to start the X Windows environment or install a dual boot system (e.g. BackTrack and Vista on the same system) can be found by searching the forums or Google. The questions have been asked hundreds of times, believe me the information is available...

    Honestly though, you are better off trying a Linux system more suited to new users like Ubuntu before trying to use BackTrack - BackTrack is for those already familiar with using Linux.
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