This is my first post to this forum, so hello.

I am currently "pentesting" my website, trying to hack into it. Social engineering myself is cheating, as is social engineering my boss, so social engineering is out (except for social engineering the web hosting company, but that is something that I would like to avoid (I could "cheat" and make it very easy due to my knowledge as a web admin for the site. I will do it as a last resort, but I would rather learn something new)). If grabbing a banner using ncat fails to reveal service types, versions, and anything else, and nmap only gives a 90% secure guess on operating system type without reliable version information, and nothing on the version of the ftp, http, smtp, etc. services running on various ports, but is still able to get the type of service running on a given open port, is there any other way for me to find out the versions my website/webhost is running?

Thanks to any responders in advance.