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Thread: ASUS EEEPc 900HD

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    Default ASUS EEEPc 900HD

    Ok, finally got BT4 Installed on my Asus EEEPC 900HD. Tried every thing in the post "Noob Proof Tutorial", ended up having to use Video #1's instructions to get it to work, did that to copy from CD to my 8GB USB (on my big laptop), and then using the script to install from the 8GB USB to my 16GB SD card (on the netbook). One note is that I took out the hard drive when I installed, and I had to select /dev/sdb on the grub config part of

    So, My system is fully working now, and a list of hardware I have tested so far is:

    Asus EEEPc 900HD
    Whatever Wifi is built-in (RTL8187SE)
    Alfa AWUS3036H (500mw USB Ext Antenna) (RTL8187vB V1 + rtl8225z2)
    Netgear WG111v2 USB (RTL8187vB v1 + RTL8225z2) wow, the same?
    PNY 16GB SDHC Card

    Add a post to this thread to request any more info, I'd be glad to help. Switched to BT4 because sound didnt work in BT3

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