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Thread: (Wireless issue) BELKIN F5D7051 : Chipset unknown

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    Default (Wireless issue) BELKIN F5D7051 : Chipset unknown

    i'm currently trying to get my USB dongle Belkin F5D7051 to work.

    I used Ndiswrapper to get it detected.
    Now that i have reboot and my stick is detected BUT ... it doesn't seems to work.

    As you can see, the chipset wlan1 wich is my usb dongle is set to unknown. How can i fix it so it can be detected as Belkin ? The chipset should be bcm43xx ...

    Thank you

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    In all honesty I think it would be best to dump your BCM based dongle as they are a pain to get working with Linux and go with something that uses the RTL8187 chipset, like an Alfa AWUS036H USB. I have this one and it works great.

    I done a Google search and came up with this, I hope they help.

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