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Thread: hping with payload

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    Default hping with payload

    I am testnig my netowrk for dos attack. For that purpose i wan to create Dos attack in my Local network (LAN). I refer one of the tutorial which uses hping for attack.
    Command :
    hping -2 –p 7 –d 50 –E payload.txt

    Payload.txt file content word "HAXOR". But it does not affect anything on the destination machine i.e.

    Could any one please help me , how to achieve attack with above command

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrbhole View Post
    I refer one of the tutorial which uses hping for attack.
    Please give us a link

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    Assuming the port where the packet is going is active, there is nothing wrong with the command. However, assuming the OP is trying to do a reflective-like attack, he is both looking around the wrong toolkit, and trying to do something he apparently doesn't understand (i.e. how basic network protocols operate).

    Not only that, since when do we support DoS attacks.
    Still not underestimating the power...

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