I have a problem with logging in.

I have BT3 final installed on my HDD, when I booted it up today, at the login screen I typed root and toor as usual, but I could not log in. Also, the login line looks like this now: "(none) login:"... it looks to me that there aren't any user profiles to load.

Is anyone familiar with this problem?

Here's what I have done so far; searched google and the forums but dit not find anything usefull on this subject. At this page: hxxp:// linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/fedora-core-4-not-able-to-nonelogin-469658/ the OP describing the same problem for the Fedora Core 4, but no solutions either. Yesterday when I was copyin a file from a USB stick, I did get an error messages stating that there is not enough space left. Could this problem have something to do with unmounted devices?