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Thread: WPA2 handshake capture

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiterabbit7500 View Post
    ok, I've tried vi, and various others methods of removing the cntrl characters, but none seem to work completly.
    dos2linux Also if using vi is to compicated try nano or kate.
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    in your server


    dos2unix seemed to do it, ty. But aircrack is still only reading about 1700 words out of over 3k, and still not finding the right passphrase.

    EDIT: Attempted aircrack using test handshakes from aircrack itself, and from my own home network. Still not going through the entire default password.lst file when using my home networks handshake, and gives the incorrect passphrase using the example cap files.

    In cowpatty however, it simply says that the correct passphrase isn't in the list (even though it is)

    any ideas on this? Could it be the hardware I'm using? Again, this is a WPA2-CCMP network.

    EDIT pt 2: tested on BT3 Final, it works perfectly. Maybe it's something with the USB adapter in BT4pf? Also having problems where airgraph-ng is only drawing out unencrypted networks, not encrypted, even though the csv file contains WPA and WEP networks as well. made a thread about it her --> hxxp://

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