Welcome everybody I have few questions to ask.

But first and foremost I would want to thank every1 here who is working on development of BT and supports this 'magic' as I may call it.

Secondly I really hope that im not repeating questions, but I searched forums and googled and nothing seemed to help (perhaps my rather inferior English has gotten in the way of narrowing down the search), I spent week on learning theory, Im new to this and relatively new to linux.

Also, Im writing from a mobile hence the reason for using shorts.


Im will write how I'm doing everything from boot cause It is needed for all my questions.

Rig: MsiWIND u90x
WiFi adapter: d-link dwl-g122 (rev C1 rt73)
Protection: WEP
OS:Backtrack3 live from Sdcard

Problem #1
Only KDE Vesa mode works from GUI choices, after xconf when Im starting linux it gives me some errors with video buffer. Could it be incompatibility with my onboard graphic card?

Problem #2
Touchpad worked only once, got to use my usb mouse

In linux


[resetting wifi card, cause Im booting with it connected and want to tune]
ifconfig rausb0 down
modprobe -r rt73
modprobe rt73 txPowerTuning=36 ifname=neo
iwconfig neo rate 1M
[checking injection]
airodump-ng neo (to run in bg)
aireplay-ng -9
Results are interesting, will get back to them...

[Looking at target mac, now faking it]

ifconfig neo down
modprobe -r rt73
modprobe rt73 txPowerTuning=36 ifname=neo
macchanger --mac=<target mac> neo
iwconfig neo rate 1M
ifconfig neo up
airodump-ng --ivs -w /root/NeoIVs666 --channel 6 --bssid <target mac> neo

aireplay-ng -1 6000 -o 1 -q 10 -e <target essid> -a <target bssid> -h <my faked bssid> neo
aireplay-ng -2 -b <target bssid> -h <my faked bssid> neo
Now here's the thing, the injection.
#1 - I've been receiving like 100 #datas per hour on airodump. (during the storm with my wifi on parapet, yay xD), quite slow but still~~.
#2 - I managed to make like hundret of fake auths (truly, cause I didnt know of keepalive and was repeating -_-)
#3 started arping as listed, couldnt get a single arp request first 2 hours. Then one magically came in and then aireplay was sending packets like crazy and the led on my adapter was blinking like a hot seductive Chinese girl at Shanghaigese port ~_~...

Except for my excitement it didn't boost anything including iv's flow that remained unbearably slow.
On top of that, at one point it stopped (I was experimenting with diff attacks, mostly at random tbh), no more packets were flowing, the day started dawning, weather cleared, and what's worst, from that time Im totally unable to fake auth to that AP which kinda ends my adventure. And what I noticed while testing injection, at first I was able to inject to every AP around me, now the test gives me ~99% on every AP in range but for the TP-LINK one that was letting me fake auth, but for some unclear to me reason, stopped.

In short, at first I was able to get like 100 successful fake auths, and arping didn't boost anything, but now Im getting only those
Sending auth req (open system)
And no success in the end.

- Maybe there is something like the overloading an AP with too much authing? If any of you experienced similar situation, please share your wisdom with me.
- Maybe the first batch of auths weren't really true? Like the program was detecting them to be true, but in fact they ware kinda fake (a pun?)? Is that even remotely plausible? O_o
- Maybe my card can't inject after all, even though injection test gives near 100%s, no type of attack reported any problems (till that auth failed, then ofc I couldn't do much w/o being authed), but then in "practice" aireplay fails to deliver any effect?
- Maybe it's still authed, someway and something prevents it to auth again?

Thanks in advance for all your answers and suggestions.