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Thread: Dhcpd3 failed at boot have to sudo startx to log in after synaptic update

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    Default Dhcpd3 failed at boot have to sudo startx to log in after synaptic update

    In windows updating doesn't screw up your configuration,but you do learn alot. So far I figured out the dhcpd3 failure. has a good tut on setting up your dhcp server. So I modified my dhcpd.conf file. I watched the boot and it didn't say dhcpd3 failed like it was but it did say something like invalid netmask or subnet mask. As soon as I logged on I was already conected. I didn't have to start network and then wicd like I had been doing. I have the Broadcom 4312. I have to look into the invalid entry and see if the system automatically fixed it or if I have to do some more editing.

    I have figured out the permissions problem yet. That is next.

    I recieved my Rokman500 with the rtl8187 chipset. Works beautiful right out of the box. Monitor and injection.

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    Default Re: dhcpd3

    Well, after following that not n00b friendly tutorial on installing bt4 pre final, yeah I have the same problem, so ill just update SOME things, and ill message that guy about it, it f***d up my bt4 pre final installation.

    On sudo sudo thing, idk, hast got any problems with it, except with the sound, but ill use root (not the best thing to do, so ill avoid nasty sites

    btw on boot, theres a fatal error (ignored but still fatal) on a module.dep thing, any news ?

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