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Thread: airodump not showing any APs

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    Default airodump not showing any APs

    ok so before i go to bed airodump is working fine, i wake its not showing any APs, it just scans through channels, ive tried uninstalling and installing the driver but nothing, i have an AR5416, any ideas?

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    May be you are still sleeping, just having nightmare....
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    If i were you i would ivest in a much better wifi card such as the Alfa awus036H. I got mine on ebay (brand new) with a 9 dbi gain anntenna for 45 bucks and free shipping. It works alot better. If 45 bucks isnt in your range, you could get a Netgear wg111 V2 usb card. Those two cards are guarenteed to work and no need to mess around with drivers.

    you can try this:
    airmon-ng stop (your interface )
    ifconfig (your interface (wlan0)) down
    macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 (your interface )
    airmon-ng start (your interface)
    Airodump-ng mon0 (your interface)
    Airodump-ng -c (chanel here) -w (filename here) --bssid (bssid here) (your interface)

    if that dosnet work, well get a better wireless card. i hope your trying to crack your own network and not your neigbors because that is illegal.

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