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Thread: "no bootable device"

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    Unhappy "no bootable device"

    I was playing with BT4 and was using this site
    however, after I got through step one I was stuck so I gave up. Now when I turn on the computer, it gives me "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press and key" . I think it was because I was messing the partition but now do I get it back to its default setting? Please help, thanks

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    Well there is no way of getting back your previous OS and files.

    Reinstall the previous OS.

    Maybe you should read, learn and understand things before playing around with them.

    Sorry but BT is not a beginners distribution.
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    Chalk it up to lesson learned. Making mistakes teaches you in a sense. Next time try using the Live CD first or setup BT in a VMware session.

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    That document mentions nothing about a BT4 dual boot installation, why would you use it for anything but what it says in the first couple of lines: "The assumption is that you are installing BT4 on an empty disk (/dev/sda in our case)."?

    Unfortunately with partitioning, there's no "undo" button once you've written to the tables...

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