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Thread: Alfa 500Mw AWUS036H problem

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    Default Alfa 500Mw AWUS036H problem

    I have an Alfa 500Mw AWUS036H usb and followed a guide on the Aircrack site and patched my drivers but when I run an injection test (aireplay-ng -9 wlan1) and get the following:

    13:23:06 Trying broadcast probe requests...
    13:23:08 No Answer...
    13:23:08 Found 1 AP

    13:23:08 Trying directed probe requests...
    13:23:08 <ADR:ES:SS> - channel: 10 - 'BTVOYAGER2091-6C'
    13:23:14 0/30: 0%

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    No need to patch your drivers with bt4 ... and if your not on bt4 then you should be.
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