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Thread: Problem with wifi/wired internet

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    I have an asus eee 1008ha netbook. It has the Atheros AR9285 wireless network adapter which I am under the impression IS compatible with BT4. I am however having issues. I do see networks in WiCD but cannot connect to my network. My network is encrypted with WPA-PSK and has a hidden essid. I have done things like modprobe ath9k and followed a guide on these forums about how to connect to WPA but non has worked. Does anyone else have any ideas? Also the wired network adapter doesnt seem to be working either, but I am less concerned with that right now.


    This was just an issue with me not really knowing how wicd works. Im fairly new to linux and only used the newer desktop versions, and never kubuntu. I played with it and figured out what i was doing wrong, which was not adding the hidden network to wicd.
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    is your wireless card detected?


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