A manager of mine use to travel around and do penetration testing with a team. He was telling me a story of this bank that he walked into and told them that he was sent to fix a slow computer. He hooked up his laptop to the network and left a sticky note on it "Don't touch". They spent the next 3 days downloading stuff off the network in the parking lot.

It got me thinking how would I setup a laptop or even a custom cd. Walk in and just boot a computer off the cd and leave. Netbooks seem like a perfect fit for this.

I would strip the artwork and any backtrack reference. I've shown some friends the cd before and the artwork is really cool and unique. Which may raise some flags that wouldn't if there was no artwork or if it looked like Ubuntu.

Setup an ad-hoc network so I could connect from the parking lot if I needed to.

Setup ssh keys so it would connect to my box at home. Setup ssh multiplexing so I can write a script that would reconnect if the ssh session dies.