Hi, new to posting in the forum, thank you for all the information I have leeched from here since I first discovered BT3 awhile ago, I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can help with.

Firstly, I would like to switch to Ubuntu as my main OS but want to keep my daughters PC on XP. She's a bit young to learn new OS without help from me and I'm not that fluent in Linux to be confident in solving any problems that she might throw at me.

I have the Alfa usb adapter which I use to share my friends internet connection. (He knows and I half the bill.) I currently share this connection over a LAN to her PC. I've had a look around but not sure how or if its possible that I could do ICS from Ubuntu to XP.

My second issue is that the connection drops out every now and again and won't reconnect. It's almost like the Alfa goes for a snooze, if I disable it and then re-enable it all is good again for awhile. I have disabled the Windows Zero Configuration in the services menu, is this all that is needed to take all wlan duties from XP or is there something else I should have done or try.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond if you can help.