A lot of people will advise you not to run programs such as web browsers and media players as root, reason being that if the program is exploited, the hacker has full access to your system.

However, if you run these programs as a normal user, there's still one very big problem: The program has full access to your home folder.

Now I don't know about anyone else, but the most valuable thing on my machine is my home folder. You could wipe all my applications, all my settings, my entire operating system, and I'll be able to replace it all within a day or two. My home folder however is valuable. I back it up from time to time, but still there's always gonna be stuff that I don't wanna lose.

So with that said, I think something like a web browser should be run as a different user which doesn't have access to your home folder. That way, even if it the program gets exploited, there's not too much it can do.

Has anyone ever played around with this before?