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Thread: Creating interface to read network data

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    Default Creating interface to read network data

    Im looking for documents(programming languages) that would guide me in creating an interface that reads network data. So i guess i should start by creating the interface or finding out how to read network data and input database.

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    You probably want to post this at a forum that's dedicated to programming advice, and when you do so you definitely want to give a lot more details about what you want and what you intend to achieve.
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    You have to be more specific, I don't know what you're talking about.

    Are you looking for some example C code that opens a raw sockets and reads network data?

    Or are you looking for advice on creating a small embedded device that can do networking? There's microchips you can buy which have Ethernet capability... I've never actually used one in the flesh but I was researching them for a while because I wanted to use one in a college project. But then I ended up in Asia so that project never came to fruition.
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