I have a client of my boyfriend's business who was an idiot and pulled out his SDHC while it's writing. Now it's completely trashed.

I've tried foremost, magicrescue, and PhotoRec to no avail. All them do not output any of the files.

I have an EeePC 4G Surf (The reason I'm stuck with this job, because I have the SDHC reader, boyfriend's burnt out. Plus he likes his uptime.). It is capable of quite a lot more than people think it is. But that's my speciality - Finding the capabilities of hardware. I have an nLited copy of XP as my main system, Backtrack 3 Live on my 4GB USB drive.

I was told to use Backtrack 3, and it really was in my mind before anyone told me, but I was pretty much done with all the distros I've tried before this one. It's frustrating because the support is crappy for my EeePC. Before this I was using Cruncheee which worked okay, but not so well. Still ran across issues. Now Backtrack 3 has been wonderful to me!

The problem I have here is that the whole SDHC is trashed. To the point that the filesystem can not be detected by either programs I've tried above. And these files on here are very important.

However, I know that there is an absolute possibility of recovering this data, because of how it's acting. I had an A-data 4GB SDHC of my own, and I put swap on it to allow for more space to be left on my SSD for things that need the latency-free speed of it... And needless to say, it smelt like burnt brownies and dmesg said it thinks it's an 8GB SDHC. However, dmesg shows that this SDHC is detected fine. Just can't mount it.

I have tried dd_rescue, but it seems like it doesn't really work or A.K.A. I'm more of a Linux newb than it appears, even if I almost got Arch Linux to work.

Now I'm using dd conv=noerror,sync /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1
I have copied a total of 2.2GB in almost 11 hours. REALLY slow, but I understand why now.

However, I was told by this really nutzo, tape loving, linux nerd who likes to take all the fans out of his computer like an idiot to let his components die (he's actually lost a few harddrives). No offense meant from this, but that's who I go to for most of my linux questions (Rizon IRC, linux channel) But that's the kind of person he is. :P I'm the nerd who likes to push SSDs onto everyone. God can I shut up about that too!? Anyways, I was told by him that it's probably just writing a bunch of 0's because dd is used for CDs. Yes, I know, his advice is usually 80% good, and so I usually go to someone else to make sure it's good advice.

I want to recover this data off of this SDHC. All I get is bad block *. This information is important, so I want to do it as gentle as possible, and I was told to make a copy of the data to work on on hardware I know I can trust. This seems logical. So that's my first goal for today.

Sorry for the unorganized crap of this thread, I haven't been feeling well lately. But I guess my conclusion of a question would be: Could someone point me in the right direction so I can get this done today?