So in my search for more knowledge, and training more suited for my learning style, I came across a course. I downloaded the required files and went to install it. Of course when I did so, my resident AV (ThreatFire) popped up.

Now I was expecting to find some virus code in the application, as it contains code for examination, as well as tools for the users use. However, the detected infection was Win.32.Parite, identified as a Virus that does the same as most viruses, replicates copies of itself.

I wanted to verify it was not a FP, so I am currently scanning the drive(its an external) using AVG. It has detected Win32.Parite as well as the expected tools and variations of something called Linux/Agent6.(variant#).

My thinking is that the so called virus has not infected any files outside of the programs files, which I would think it would infect as much as it could.

I could use some quick advice on this, I spent quite a lot of time DL'ing the files, I don't want to delete them on a whim. Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to examine the files, I have them in .rar's and I can attempt to send them, just PM me.