This is the stupid low power Broadcom internal card found in Dell inspiron laptops. The subject has been beat to death on how to get monitor mode and injection working with Broadcom. I think some work but not this card. This is about just getting an internet connection with Bt4 pre-final. I have a fresh hard drive install. The first thing I did was <lsmod> to see what was running. In all my searches I pretty much determined that the newer Broadcom cards used b43 from That wasn't listed so I <sudo modprobe b43> I then checked again and it was there. K-menu>run>wicd and nothing happened. I am a noob. K-menu>services>network>start network then you run wicd. You click on the network you want to connect and then press advanced. there you can enter your pass phrase but it wouldn't connect. I then went to preferences and tried different wpa supplicant drivers. Wext actually let me connect. I don't really understand what everything is right now but I thought I would share this to show if you just try you can succeed. Hopefully one day I will understand. Now when my Rokman 500 gets here I can really start learning. Peace