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Thread: Off topic - Paypal freezes hackers for charity

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    Yeah... I'd probably "make good" too if I had the world's best hackers beating on my door threatening to destroy my business.

    Get one thing straight, PayPal didn't "make good" on this for a just reason, they made good on this because Billy told Harry that PayPal pissed off the best hackers in the world and that PayPal was gonna be destroyed because of it.

    PayPal is scum, plain and simple. Just read the numerous stories on the many anti-Paypal sites. Family businesses ruined, personal savings stolen. They rob your money and they drag the pantomime out for months and years. Look at all the sh*t they gave Johnny up until now.

    This got solved quickly because PayPal was scared, plain and simple. And they should be scared. I hope they get hacked to f***.
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    I am a paypal victim. Well, more of a victim of someone who used paypal to steal money.

    I purchased a phone through ebay, paid through paypal. Waited several weeks, and contacted the user when I didn't recieve it. User claimed emergency issues and said they would send it. Waited a few more week,s nothing, submitted a paypal claim. Apparently the user had defaulted and not sent out various orders. He sent us messages, saying that he would send us our items, but he couldn't do anything as long as the disputes were open, as paypay had frozen his funds.

    Little did I know, that paypal states that a dispute cannot be reopened, once it has been closed. In other words, here we are six months later, I cant get my money or the item.
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