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Thread: RealTex 8187 Chipset 400mw unit works out of the box

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    Default RealTex 8187 Chipset 400mw unit works out of the box

    I went around looking for an Alfa brand USB dongle, as I've read here that they work out of the box.

    The website I found was called data-alliance (.net). I simply clicked on Linux-Compatible on the left side of the screen, and they had a generic(?) dongle with the RealTek 8187 chip.

    It was about $20 plus shipping.

    In the box was the dongle, external antenna, and driver CD, including linux drivers. However, in BT4, I needed NO drivers at all. I simply booted up and started Kismet, and voila, it worked (as wlan0).

    Out of Kismet, I ran NetworkManager in console. Then I used KNetworkManager to setup an actual internet connection (this time as ath0) to my house's wireless router.

    I'm posting this now within BT4 to let you all know: IT WORKS!

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    are you able to drive the device to full power? if you do iwconfig wlan0 26 do you actually get the full 400mw (26db)?

    I've the Alfa 27dbm and I can't get mine to go above 20dbm. I could in BT3. I'm guessing I need updated drivers.


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