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Thread: Note to the N00b from a N00b

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    Default Note to the N00b from a N00b

    While the wonderful world of security is fun to experiment and play with - be wise of where you are doing it, and have a half a clue as to what you are doing. (LEARN about the technology and exploit you are using BEFORE you start tinkering)

    Lesson learned, I was playing with Ettercap here on my work network and damn near crashed EVERYTHING when I poisoned the ARP cache. The positive to come of this was it was learned that we had some IP address conflicts with machines that 'werent there' and they could have posed a problem later on down the road.
    *PHEW!* That was a close one! Looks like my 'learn time' will either be in a segmented VLAN or when I get off of work and can play with it on my OWN network
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    Yep, practising in virtual machines saves a lot of headaches

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    Lightbulb HA HA HA What ?

    This is something I read during a chatroom convo, and I LOL'd throughout the convo. What are you guys thoughts on this. Is it really noobish ?

    He: you do realize backtrack is the 2nd biggest script kiddie tool
    He: metasploit being the biggest
    Him: it doesn't matter alot of advanced users uses it even the fbi
    Him: o.o
    Him: keep'em coming
    Him: ;]
    Him: if the developers He: ard u say that, the y would eat u alive
    He: more likely the y would agree that the main users of backtrack wouldnt have a clue how to do anything the programs inside it do on the ir own
    Him: so ur saying people who uses backtrack are noobs or doesn't know anything ?
    He: most of the m are
    Him: lmao
    Him: fbi noobs ?
    Him: the devolpers are noobs ?
    Him: ur insane
    He: it doesnt take much to take a linux distro and add progams to it
    Him: thats tru
    Him: but
    Him: so tell me a prgram that isnt noob
    Him: the n
    He: anything that is "point, click, exploit done" is % gonna be used by skids who don't even understand the basics of what the program the y just ran did
    Him: but thats the thing how do u know what people know and dont know
    Him: u cant go off just by sayin "o He: 's a noob He: doesn't know what just happen cu zHe: using bt"
    Him: step out that little box of urs..
    Him: and u still haven't told me a program that isn't noob
    Him: this is funny
    He: something that actually takes some knowledge to use
    Him: and what is that =
    Him: can u even show me a documentation ?
    He: anything that requires you to do something more than just enter an ip in a field and hit go
    Him: hhaha bt does more the n that
    Him: and u dont enter just an ip
    Him: bt doesnt even have a gui installer
    He: doesnt need an installer
    Him: and still the FBI uses it and ur calin the m noobs ur crazy
    He: you burn it to a disc...der hur
    He: the fbi really are totally clueless about do know that
    He: the re is a reason the outsource the ir forensics stuff
    Him: u gotta know basic linux to run backtrack
    He: no you dont
    He: you enter a single command line wHe: n it boots
    Him: nooooooo
    Him: not to boot bt
    He: it even tells you different ways to boot it
    Him: to run it like us eit
    Him: smfh
    Him: lol@u
    He: you point to the "start menu" select a folder, select a program
    Him: rofl
    He: the n hit go on the program
    Him: its more the n that
    Him: sorry
    He: not really...
    Him: its easy to run bt, but i dont get how ur saying its noobish, go tell an chatroom aimer to install bt i bet He wont know what to start
    Him: and even if he manages to install it
    He: you dont have to install anything..
    Him: he wont understand anything how it works
    He: you stick in a disc and boot
    Him: if ur usig just the cd to use bt u wont be able to save i said get ur He: ad out ur ass lol
    Him: liveCD doesn't even have presisntacne changes
    Him: so why yes the cd
    Him: o.o
    Him: its pointless
    Him: imo
    He: all you have to do is copy the files from the ISO to a usb drive
    He: and edit one file
    Him: but look at what u said b that
    He: ?
    Him: what are u trying to prove ? im confused
    He: that the re is nothing complicated about BT, and that nothing on it requires more than basic middle school computer literacy
    Him: yea, tell the makers that..i bet that the y will have a field day with u
    Him: and i never said it was complicated, im just saying people who uses it are not noobish..
    He: anyone who is really trying to exploit a system isn't going to be using publicly available tools
    Him: yea and i bet that ur that person
    Him: since u know better huh
    Him: can u make a better software like BT ?
    Him: i dont think so
    He: backtrack isnt even software
    He: its a modified linux distro
    Him: u know what i mean
    He: with pre-installed programs
    Him: can u ?
    He: just take a bunch of apt-get's
    Him: answer the question
    He: just take a bunch of apt-get's
    Him: yea, i dont think u can
    He: i just told you twice all it takes
    He: is a bunch of apt-get
    Him: lol the makers of bt will shit on u, thats all i gotta say
    He: why? all backtrack is is a linux distro with pre-installed programs
    He: isn't hard to install the m on your own
    He: just take a bunch of apt-get's
    He: well, whatever the SLAX equivalent is if I directly wanted to copy it
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    Got halfway through and said f*** it lmao... My eyes freaking hurt from learning coding all day bleh...

    EDIT: I lol'd through alot of it, but I don't think it's true at all to be honest..
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    Backtrack's powerfull collection of tools that would be usefull to script kiddies but they would have to learn quite a bit to use it to its potential. Funny tho, that guy chattin thinks he's so leet dissin my favorite distro

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