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Thread: Firefox 3 sluggish on backtrack 3

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    Default Firefox 3 sluggish on backtrack 3

    I'm using BackTrack 3 final with persistent changes on my usb stick..
    Firefox 3 seems to be sluggish for certain sites, especially those with lots of images or frames - eg facebook (and other sites with lots of images). The loading part is okay but it's extremely slow when scrolling. But things appear normal when using the live cd.
    Firefox is perfectly normal in windows on the same machine.

    Anyone facing similar situation? What seems to be the problem huh? Is there a solution for sluggish firefox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by megamall View Post
    Is there a solution for sluggish firefox?
    Yeah stop looking at facespacebook and the problem will probably go away.
    Or upgrade to the new minty fresh feeling of BT4 and see how that works.
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    i stumbled across quite a few web sites that makes firefox sluggish. facebook is not the only site which causes this.. it's jz an example of web site which causes this..
    this only happens when booting from usb with persistent changes and not when booting from live cd.. so i thought maybe there could be a solution for this...

    the backtrack blog is also sluggish when scrolling. it's pretty normal when i boot from the Live CD or from the USB without persistent change.. the scrolling etc is smooth.. so was thinking maybe someone faced similar situation and had found a fix?

    btw i installed BT3 onto the the usb with an ext3 partition used for the changes.. i have a 2GB RAM. does this problem appear to have anything to do with swap partition? will a swap partition help with this?

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