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Thread: Problem with WUSB54GC

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    Default Problem with WUSB54GC

    Hi guys,

    For sure I'm not the first to have this problem, but I could not find in the forum an explanation.

    I just buy a WUSB54GC USB dongle (behind there is no indication about the version).

    I'm using BT4: if I launch Wicd Network Manager, nothing is coming, so I could not see my wireless network.

    If I try Airplay-ng I can see my dongle and I can follow the process to crack a WEP, except that I could not associate my dongle to the AP (old model: D-Link DWL-2000AP)

    I'm new on Linux, I guess that it could be a problem that the dongle are not recognized under BT but almost working in Console. Even in the Network Interfaces, I can not see the interface.

    Do I need to upgrade the driver ? Downgrade the firmware ?

    Thanks in advance

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    i cant post links yet but this is where im getting my driver from im in exactly the same setup except i have a problem with not capturing data properly

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