I'm using BT4 with a Realtek 8187 chipset USB wireless dongle.

Using Kismet in channel (H)opping mode, it sees plenty of APs on several channels.

I then find MY home router on the list and (L)ock Kismet onto that channel. Then I fire up Wireshark.

I see enough packets to convince me that Monitor mode is working successfully. Lots of BROADCAST packets with the SSID, some ARP traffic (Who Has x.x.x.x? Tell x.x.x.x), etc.

The problem is - I'm not seeing ANY HTTP traffic! I know it exists on the network. To be sure, I even turned on the Wifi mode of my Touch Pro "smart" phone, verified that I was indeed connected to MY router (and therefore on the correct channel), and surfed a bunch of websites. Not a single HTTP packet, DNS packet, anything showed up in Wireshark. Just lots of "Broadcast" packets.

BTW The phone was right next to the monitoring computer (less than 2 feet), and the router was over 20 feet away, so range / signal strength shouldn't have been an issue.

I closed Kismet and Wireshark kept capturing (wlan0) on the same channel. In console I typed in "iwconfig wlan0" and it showed that the interface was on the channel. I typed "iwconfig -i wlan0 channel 6 mode monitor" (or whatever exact command would accomplish that - I'm new and always look directly at the help for the verbiage but don't always remember it exactly) and got no error messages.

I must be missing a setting on the network card? The reason I'm thinking this is that this reminds me of Packet Radio from my Ham Radio days. (Packet radio = wireless modems back before the internet).

My packet radio wireless modem could be set to "monitor" mode with decreasing levels of verbosity. For example, on a scale of 1 to 6, it might be:

1. All traffic
3. Traffic broadcast by a BBS
6. Only traffic which is intended for you

each level showing less and less data. Make sense? It's as if my card is "set" to only receive certain types of data?

By the way - NO capture filters in Wireshark. No display filters either. I can post a quick packet dump file if necessary, the output to any commands, etc. I'm willing to do my part to find the answer.