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Thread: Antisec

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfbane View Post
    At first the Antisec movement seemed very childish. After reading weev's discussion about it there seems to me more depth to it.

    If you're interested you can read the discussion HERE(A member of antisec discussess with an opposer about the ideas and goals of antisec)

    For those less interested this portion below, is a short breakdown written by weev. It's not as clear and explanatory as if you had read the preceeding discussion, but it's something.

    "...The antisec philosophy is quite simple. I can break into into powerpoint style bullet points:

    1) Hacking is about breaking into networks without permission. Any whitehat attempts at turning it into some socially "beneficial" pursuit are a vile attempt at meme poisoning. Hackers develop tools and techniques intended to break into networks and systems. Hackers USE those tools. They do not publicize ways to prevent their use or sell them to the highest bidder.

    2) The corporate oligarchy at large collected their assets in manners that are unethical. It does nothing but abuse the wealth and power it has stolen. It has no right to its holdings and hackers have a moral obligation to take what they can from it.

    3) The first-world governments (most notably the United States government) are corrupt feudalistic shitholes that have long abandoned any notion of civil rights or free markets and need to be destroyed.

    4) Based on points 2 and 3, the only honorable thing to do is assist in the damage to the corporate oligarchy and first-world governments. Anyone that is acting to assist them is part of the problem. Hacking is about ruination and destruction, Kali and Shiva, the angry vengeful God of the old testament, etc."
    Well that settles it. Anti-sec is garbage.

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    Ugh. I read the whole thing. Trying to justify being a parasitic tick living off the back of society by spouting a lot of fancy philosophical ideals. Do they actually think that being "guided by the ethics of the classic Greek philosophyers" translates to making a living by "spam and produce[ing] tools to facilitate the actions of Internet criminals".

    I think their real reason for behaving they way they do is that they like making a living by being a high tech thief, and they rationalise this by deceiving themselves into believing that their actions are a strike back against those corporate fat cats who they believe are morally inferior to them - even though a lot of the impact of Internet crime and the annoyance of spam affects regular people and not the fat cats.

    While I may have some issues with capatilism too, at least the fat cats help stimulate the economy and give people jobs. Apart from the money they "claim" to give to charities, what good does the antisec movement do for society exactly?
    Capitalisation is important. It's the difference between "Helping your brother Jack off a horse" and "Helping your brother jack off a horse".

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvpalin View Post
    Go blow up a building then.

    Every government since the beginning of time has been corrupt. Its what happens when you give people power. If you think hacking a few websites is going to change that your dead wrong.
    Or you are dead and wrong. Might also be the case in that situation
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    The funniest thing is if they were using Back|Track, or at least the same tools They learned to hack because of full disclosure and now they hate it.
    The bad things is...that Back|Track is in wrong hands
    Way too childish and immature behavior.
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    I just wish the wannabe's would quit spamming the FD lists :s
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    Default Matasano hacked

    Anti-sec seems to be really diligent:

    Security-Shell: Hacked

    I hope these are just momentary occurrences.

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