Everybody interested in Linux can make it better by contacting the developers of the open-source free software we love so much.

Today I sent off two e-mails:
1) To KDE, telling them about the problem of using the GUI to change Desktop path
2) To Ubiquity, suggesting that the target partition need not be wiped before installing the operating system

I think communication like this is great, developers love to know what's good and what's bad about their software, and they like to hear suggestions.

Here's what I have to say to all my fellow Linux users:

Next time you're using a Linux program, if it falls short, if it's buggy, if you think it could be better, if you have a suggestion, if you think it could do with a new feature... find the e-mail address of the person maintaining the project and send a nicely-worded e-mail.

I'm not talking about complaining. The difference between "complaining" and giving "suggestions" is all about how you word it. Be polite, come across friendly and don't make demands. Instead of saying "it's bullshit that the partition needs to be wiped", say "it would be nice if we had the option of not wiping the partition". And at the end of the e-mail, be sure to compliment the developer on his work: "Awesome program by the way!".

Of course, if you really love a piece of Linux software, you can always just send an e-mail saying "thank you very much your program's awesome", developers will appreciate it. I got one or two e-mails about my Internet Prober program which I really appreciated. One of the guys who e-mailed me even said "it would be nice if the screen didn't get wiped when the program exits", he was polite about it and I appreciated it. (By the way I'm working on a GUI for Internet Prober... it's gonna be transformed entirely...).

So don't just sit around moaning about a piece of Linux software wishing it could be better, send an e-mail! Make a To-Do list beside your computer of developers you need to contact!

If you're shy and worried about how the developer will take it, you can always make a new e-mail account with the name Monkey Dishwasher and send the e-mail through that. I mean what's the worst response you're gonna get: "F*** off who are you to question my programming". If he responds like that he's an a**hole and deserves all the abuse he gets.