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Thread: aireplay and rt73usb (Injection)

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    Default aireplay and rt73usb (Injection)

    Hello to all,

    I use the DWL-G122 C1 USB Dongle, the driver in BT4 for the dongle is "rt73usb". As far as i know this dongle is supported and supports "Injection". Correct me please, if i am wrong.

    airodump and airmon.. everything works fine.

    When i use airmon-ng start xxxx i got a new interface called mon0 which is needed for injection etc.... so i used mon0.

    Now i wanted test this all with my own router (i put it to wep)

    when i run this command: aireplay-ng -1 0 ...... i get a successfull message (with the nice smile )

    now i run this command: aireplay -3 .... to get Data Packets and here is the problem.

    I only see all the time: Reading .... Packets (APs 0) ... send 0 (pps).
    So i dont get any Data.

    Where could be the problem ? DO i have to wait a long time ?

    I even tried to lower the rate with: iwconfig .... rate 1M.


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    Use another angle. Google chopchop korek attack. There are a lot of different wep attacks for different situations.
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    i have the same problem im not receiveing any data packets etc

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    New Information:

    It worked great for me. I tested it and got many packets.

    DWL-G122C and rt73usb Driver is working.

    U have to wait a bit and it dependec on the distance from the AP. It is not working everytime.

    Just try: Aireplay-ng -9 "dev" and look if Injecting is working. For me it worked !.

    Good Luck !

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