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Thread: Raw HEX data to audio ?

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    Question Raw HEX data to audio ?

    So here’s the crack (no pun intended) I’ve got about 6000 RTR packets in HEX that I just know are 8 bit PCM audio. These were intercepted in transmission and after scrubbing away the headers I’m happy I’ve got just the raw data but how, oh how can I resolve this back into audio? I wouldn’t even begin to think it possible or practical to manually put all 6000 odd packet together and try and run them so am I looking for an app? I tried the mighty oracle GOOGLE (all hail) but I think this is a little to specific even for her.

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    This might be the wrong forum for that type of question, it sounds more like an incident response/intrusion analysis/network forensics type of question, not a penetration testing type of question.

    Anyway, you could try something like the below:

    Pulling binaries from pcaps « SANS Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response
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    I agree with lupin, but if you know it's PCM, just export the raw data in collation (packet 1, packet 2, packet 3 etc.) and save the file as a .wav.

    But read that binary pcap document too! Just in case the .wav trick doesn't work (hint: concat the packets and then run the file utility on them to see what they are when put together, if file can work it out you probably have an ok file to work with)
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