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Thread: WPA crack in a diff. way?

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    Default WPA crack in a diff. way?

    I dont know a single bit of programming but was just curious
    to know the following:

    Is there a tool for cracking WPA where given a list of limited
    letters say for eg. A to R and NOT A to Z to speed up the guessing
    process would give the result of the password in this manner:


    So now this wud be like guessing the missing alphabets
    like a puzzle but this guess wud be a hell of a lot easier
    rather than going on with the normal brute force attack guessing
    all the charaters possible.

    So finally we've the key : strawberry


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    I think crunch does this, you replace the missing characters with @ symbols as far as I know.

    If you've had practise programming you can write the code for doing this in 15 mins or so, I gave it a go myself before:
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