I know Pyrit has support for clustering machines over a local network. Just listen on port 19935 after a serve command and your set. This is great if you got like 10 machines at home with a bunch of CUDA cards. Thing is that I don’t have a bunch of Nvida boxes at home.

What I do have is 100/100 internet and one CUDA card that is very fast. It would be nice to see this working as a distributed internet cluster. Before people say “hell no, his card sucks” think about this. Some people are willing to leave their computers on for days at a time. A system could be set up that the TOTAL amount of “computing power” gives you a certain amount of points.

You login a week later after your week long trip to Uganda and see what your point count is. Maybe a 4:1 ratio would be good? You could use these points for your own endeavors. Some criteria would be needed. A fast internet connection, at least a semi fast card and an account. Good tables could also be made by seeing patterns in essid and the broken keys. More importantly optimal pass phrase lists too! Maybe I missed something? Is this even possible?

All the best,