I need some help to enable extra channels for that external card.
Adding option ieee80211_regdom="EU" in options modprobe.d folder works only for cfg80211 for b43 (wich is internal wireless card) and for ath9k Belkin in case result is Unknown parameter `ieee80211_regdom'.
Anyway,once passed option to cfg80211 on internal card is enabled channels 12 and 13 but on Belkin not.Seems like driver ignore that and read settings from card or if not found on eprom revert tu standard US setting which limit me to 11 channels.
I tryied this too.
But I already have file "regulatory.bin" in /usr/lib/crda/ anyway I overwrite file.
I make all steps as described but in that case both cards was limited to channel 11,maybe I have done something wrong.
Any help is welcome.