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Thread: what is my laptop problem?

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    Default what is my laptop problem?

    my laptop is dell xp1330. i use win to connect adsl, wireless is ok but when i use bt3 final, it found no wireless card. is it driver not update? or something wrong?
    h t t p://

    in windows shows this
    h t t p://

    tks in advanced for all reading this.!

    pls give me advice!

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    I'm going to assume that you're not familiar with using Linux. You should definitely start off by learning some Linux basics before you try BackTrack, otherwise you are going to be way out of your depth.

    There's some good threads on the forum about how you can learn the basics about Linux. Read around a bit and maybe try an easier distro like Ubuntu first...
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    To get a list of the network interfaces in your machine, do:

    ifconfig -a

    To turn an interface on, do:

    ifconfig wlan0 up

    To actually get an internet connection going, try this out:

    Linux Internet Connection - Virjacode
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