I'm really, really confused here.

Installed backtrack 4 along with the wireless drivers mentioned here. Was able to see networks, but not connect to them unless I changed the "WPA Supplicant Driver" to "Ralink Legacy" in the "Preferences" of WICD.

Even then, it was only capable of connecting to unsecured networks. If I entered the correct password for the network (And I tried setting the encryption to WEP (hex) and whatnot, tried them all, nothing worked), it would get stuck on "Obtaining IP address" and eventually disconnect.

I reinstalled backtrack, tried using the default drivers. It sees networks now, but can't connect to anything (Even unsecured).

Any ideas on what to try?

If I can't get a fix soon, I'm going to try to install Ubuntu and the aircrack suit, seems some people have reported getting it working on there.