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Thread: airodump-ng --ivs --write

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    Default airodump-ng --ivs --write

    hi i've been trying to hack into my own network to see how it works and i was working according to a guide which was writen for back|track2 however that version doesnt recognize my wifi card so i used the latest version, anyway when i try to write this command : "airodump-ng --ivs --write capturefile eth1" it sais "invalid outut format:ivs and pcap format cannot be used together".
    i've searched the entied site many time and all i could find was the advice to update to the latest version (which i have) adn omit the --ivs but it didnt work..
    please someone help me.

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    Default try this

    try this instead(notice the .ivs on the end)

    airodump-ng --ivs --write capturefile.ivs eth1

    if your using a live cd then it should place it in root, in wich case

    command to root with ----> cd /root

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    Fyi its -i or --ivs

    but you really need to start looking at the man pages, in fact thats all i did as i dont know it off the top of my head.
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