First post and sorry for my bad english, i can read it very well but my writing skills sucks.

This wonderful pack that is bt4 prerelase have been my favorite toy since i download it (i've tried bt 3 too). I have done almost i could with wep and wpa cracking or sniffing.

Well here is my problem, i use sslstrip for getting ssl password data (gmail, hotmail, facebook, etc) but i dont receive that kind of information. I can look in the logs and search for strings matching user or login names but no password at all. Even i parse the data logs to sslparse and no info about pass in any line. I know the password of this accounts (cause im trying with my own accounts) and i can't find them, but i can see my login names in the text.

i have read a lot of tutorials and troubleshooting post about this but no solution for my case, i change my iptables, redirected my ports (with 8080 and 1000) and i've tried with arpspoof and ettercap with mitm many times.

I think im close enough to get the passwords, cause i can see the urls typed in browser and i can get images with driftnet, and the sslstrip.log shows everything i get from the arp target.

Please someone tell me what i can do.
thanks for any help.