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    first of all thank you for such an awesome collection of programs!!
    first question,
    i just bought a new laptop specifically for bt4. it had vista home,
    i immediately formatted and loaded win 7. when i formatted the hd, i made 2 partitions the first for win 7, and the second for bt4, they are about the same size on a 160gig hd. i have tried several times to install bt4 on the second partition by itself. but it won't let me choose the partition, it just wants to go with the win 7 partition. so i have been running from the dvd. which works fine, but i would like to install it. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance.

    second question,
    the wicd network manager, was working fine for awhile, then it just stopped working, you can click on it as many times as you want, and it just never opens up. i have just downloaded bt4 again, and i'm burning another dvd, so i'll try that, if you have any other ideas, i would appreciate the help. thank you again, john

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    john, i think you will find it much easier to use the ubiquity installer to install b|t4pre and then loading windows. you can just let it install to the entire 160gigabyte drive and later alter your partition table after backtrack installation has completed; using gparted/ fdisk,etc. then install whatever OS you want to the newly created partition. very simple this way

    i'm also new to using wicd, but have not had any problems with it. there should be no need however, to redo your backtrack installation or live cd/pendrive to fix a broken wicd. you could do: sudo apt-get remove wicd , and then sudo apt-get install wicd to reinstall it.

    hope this helps you...

    a polite word of advice though: try to pay closer attention to the nature of any help requests to make sure they are relative to the subforum you post them in. this thread is a much more basic linux related request than to b|t packages/software.

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    thank you! and sorry, i will pay more attention! john

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