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    I would just like to clarify, does the dwa-140 dlink usb wireless adaptor work or not? i keep reading weird posts of people talking about rt2870 chipset/driver which is confusing me and sending mixed messages of hope and despair. Can somebody please without any ambiguity give a final verdict, does the dlink dwa-140 work and if it does with what? airmon-ng or just for connecting a home wireless network or, it completely is not compatible with backtrack 4...

    Thanks for the time

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    I don't know if this hardware can be work on BT but for me I have runned BT4 from VMware on winXP. I have configured my D-link dwa-120 (USB Wifi Dongle) in the virtual network

    When i run the BT4, the icon of the wifi hardware is visible in the stat bar but after i have typed /etc/init.d/network start, there is no wifi hardware in airmon-ng or iwconfig

    If anyone have an idea about this please help me. THanks

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