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Thread: help noob with BT4.

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    Unhappy help noob with BT4.

    when i'm typing airodump-ng in BT4 there is an error make sure RFmon is enabled blah blah interface is using hp compaq presario network adapters are broadcom 802.11 b/g WLAN(the one i'm using),and realtek RTL8102E family PCI-E fast ethernet(i'm not using)...what ive read is i must patch my adapter driver,but i dont know how?pls reply asap,any help will be appreciated!tnx

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    You have used the worst possible thread title. You should use descriptive titles that reflect the post theme. (Your theme is announcing that you are a noob. No need for that, we can tell. This however doesn't prevent you to unnoob yourself if you have the will and thirst for knowledge.)
    If you came here to get a quick how to on doing something illegal you will not find help, but if you came here to learn the support is abundant.

    To get you started read the threads: forum rules, theprez98's Top Ten List of Guidelines To Making Your Stay A Pleasant One and finally How to ask Questions the Smart Way.

    Tip 1 > to get the feel for linux/unix OS's start with an easier distro (ubuntu 8.10, 9.04 or anything you prefer). BT is a pentesting distro far more complicated than basic linux usage.

    Tip 2 > this forum is packed with information (both basic and complex) and you can do anything if you search properly. By doing the research for yourself you are more likely to get help when you get stuck.

    Best of luck.
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